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All of our work is performed with a deep commitment to accountability and transparency.

We want you and eveyone to know as much as possible about our Organization, Our Mission, how we operate and how we use your donations.

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As a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization , we hold ourselves accountable to our Board members and the public.  We put every dollar donated to work efficiently and effectively to make the greatest impact possible for our sister nonprofits in the region.  You can rest assured that YOUR donation or contribution will be put to use as you intended with the maximum possible effect.  We believe in complete and open financial transparency. View all of our financial reports easily on GuideStar.org using the button below....

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Operating in compliance with the highest ethical standards. Integrity Beyond Reproach.

Ethics & Compliance at The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc.At the IT Partnership for WNC, Inc., our core values reflect the importance of the highest ethical standards of conduct of all our employees, Board members, volunteers and representatives.  The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc. is guided by several values:  Integrity in Everything we do,  Respect for the People and Communities we serve and a Commitment to Providinging the best outcomes for the People and Organizations we serve.  

As part of our operations, every Board member, employee and volunteer acting on our behalf is expected to comply fully with all of our Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, Laws of the States we reside and work in, local laws and ordinances, Federal and State employment practices and any other rules, regulations and responsibilities of the position as spelled out in our written policies.

Every Board member, Employee and Volunteer, or anyone representing us is required to have read and understood all of the following Manuals, Policies and Proceedures:   Our written Policies and Proceedures Guides, Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, Confidential Information, Privacy and Data Protection, Drug and Substance Abuse policies and guidelines, Equal Employment Opportunity guides, Workplace Harassment Prevention and Reporting, and Records Manaement.

Our Board members meet on a regular schedule to review and update policies, proceedures and guides as well as perform and review an evaluation of their own conduct.  There are guidelines in place to ensure that all Board members meet their responsibilities of our Ethics and Compliance requirements.  These reports are available for public review and download on our website at https://itp4wnc.org.

The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc. is committed to working closely with other local, area and regional organizations to develop IT solutions that meet their needs.

The impact The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc, has in our regionThe IT Partnership for WNC, Inc. realizes that there are many small, struggling nonprofits in our region who all must dip into the same pool of funding, resources and shrinking capital.  It is imperative to utilize all of the available resources to their maximum potential as costs increase and contributions diminish.  If we can reduce or eliminate even a small fraction of those expenses they must bear to stay current with changing technologies, then we can allow them to serve their missions and the people that benefit directly and indirectly.  

We are able to provide these nonprofits with our expertise in IT technologies, training and support.  Through our understanding of many of the technologies they will be dealing with on a daily basis, we can advise, strategically plan and then implement solutions that help them meet their mission.

We also provide the PLATFORMS that support many of their IT requirements such as web hosting, email hosting, database technologies, various web platforms, and all of the associated hardware and software than they might utilize over the course of their business.

Our goal is simple.  If they have a need, we'll try to fill it if we can.  And we'll try to do it for free, or at the very lowest cost possible.  


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The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization (tax ID # 83-1216308) under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.