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Radio Free I/T is COMING!

The ALL NEW Radio Free I/T is coming to the IT Partnership for WNC, Inc. very soon!  We're hoping for a start date of the week of June 4th or so.  We're currently looking for the last of the financing needed to cover the cost of the stream licensing.  Approximately $40/month is all we lack, so 4 $10 monthly donations will cover it!  We'll be broadcasting both LIVE and prerecorded programming  (both automated playlists on a set schedule as well as rebroadcasts of live performances that were recorded, podcasts, important information from our nonprofit members and much more!  

We'll be looking to add live broadcasts from remote locations around the area and world.  We want to sign up DJ's that have specific genres in mind as well as some able to create voice promos, PSA's and more.  There will be a LOT to do and a LOT going on, so you won't want to miss it!

We're ALSO introducing a CHAT ROOM for our radio fans.  Talk to the DJ's, request tunes, talk all things music or anything else you'd like.  With tons of features for registered users, there'll be plenty to keep you happy and entertained!  We look forward to seeing YOU there!  Just select the CHAT menu item on the Station Site.

You'll find a MENU LINK to the station site on our website (it's the last one on the right) and we'll be adding ways to tune in on this site and member nonprofits as well.

YOU can SPONSOR programs, particular Nonprofits or the station as well!  If you want your business or organization, or yourself (or a dedication/memorial to someone else) we'll be happy to set you up and provide both visual and broadcast recognition.

To find out more, to learn how to join us, or to let us know you're interested in becoming a DJ, a member, or a supporter/sponsor, just use our contact form on this site.  We'll respond ASAP.


Alan Womack


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