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Fundraiser for Hosting

The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc., has a UNIQUE opportunity to save not only your nonprofit, but our own, considerable expense while providing even better free hosting services to any local or regional nonprofit that requests it.  InMotion Hosting, a Joomla! hosting specialist, is offering us a 52% discount on unlimited hosting for two full years for a total of $672. 

That is just $28/month for unlimited top-quality hosting.  We can host as many sites as we need.  As many email accounts per domain as we want.  Unlimited databases.  No limit on subdomains.  If your organization needs 3 main domain names and 15 subdomains per site, with 50 email accounts for your staff, and even a place to remotely store/backup your important files, you'll have it. 


You may make a contribution to help by visiting THIS PAGE

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