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If your nonprofit or charitable organization has become tied to the cycle of Windows operating system upgrades, updates, new version, and on and on, or subscriptions for online access to software, Microsoft Office expenses and more, you CAN break that cycle, for FREE. We're advocating for FREE, OPEN-SOURCE options to take the expense of purchasing and maintaining the basic tools you use every single day. Our choice? (And YES, we actually USE IT for ALL of OUR OWN needs...) is Linux MINT.

Capable of doing everything Windows does and MORE, it ALSO comes ready to roll with ALL of the software you'd typically need right out of the box. LibreOffice for 100% compatibility with all Microsoft Office products (works with all of your existing office files, and any new ones you create will work in Microsoft Office as well). Software for almost any purpose is available with a few clicks, and all for FREE. Networking is a breeze, and you CAN network with all of your Windows systems too.

If you just need a system for online access, it's perfect. You can use the standard Chrome and Firefox web browsers that you're already used to, and import all of your favorites, settings and links right into them. Worried you "might" need access to WIndows for some reason? Well, just do a side-by-side installation and you'll have the ability to boot into Windows OR Linux when your system boots up (dual boot). Both will run fine alongside one another. And you can even run Windows programs on Linux using the free WINE software. If you'd like for us to show you how, or do it for you, as a member, we'll do it at no charge. Just sign up today and we'll arrange to sit down with you and go over all of the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Click HERE to become a MEMBER!  It's FREE to qualified nonprofits.<

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