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The Orchard At Altapass

One of our most recent successes has been working with The Orchard At Altapass Foundation to develop a new website for both the orchard and their online store.  Due to the nature of their foundation and the extensive operations, this was going to be a fairly large project from the outset.  We looked at this challenge as an opportunity to help them move into the future with a complete online program for addressing all of their intended goals.  

Beginning with retrieving the information from the old site for use on the new one, and then developing a new, more flexible and extensive website that was easier to navigate, more flexible in display on any device, and with all of the information most site visitors needed at their fingertips, the rest was basically all of the hard work on the back end development.  We began with the free, open-source Joomla content management system (CMS) as it allowed us to not only build for today, but keep pace with developments as they occur.  We can also integrate a number of other nonprofit systems into the back end for managing all of the various projects that a nonprofit requires.  With tons of room to grow, the website is only the beginning.

We then developed a second website for just the online store, but fully integrated it within the existing site for a seamless user experience.  The store site utilizes the Joomla CMS and the free, open-source Virtuemart online store program for Joomla.  This enables us to do a lot more for The Orchard as the money that would typically be required to purchase and support an online store could go to more extensive bells and whistles for the site, or stay in the bank.

While the site was not completely free  (we DID use a number of commercial components for the site plus professional templates and user-editable site developer) the total value of the two sites was in excess of $12,000 if we had charged any labor and used all commercially available components in the development of the website.  That is money that remained in the Foundation for use on their actual mission, not in the design and development of a website.  

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