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All of the items found here have been generously donated for The I/T Partnership of WNC, Inc., to provide ongoing support for our mission and goals.  We also provide these same items to nonprofits as needed to assist in their mission.  Each item has been thoroughly tested, renewed and prepared for a new home, YOURS.  We provide warranties on all of the items sold here and on the computer systems and laptops, we have provided upgrade options where available to help make your purchase even more beneficial to you.  

PLEASE NOTE:  These items are limited to the stock on hand and we typically do not have more than one or a few of each item in stock.  Once these items are sold, we may not have them back in stock again.  If you aren't sure about what you need, CALL US.  We'll be glad to assist you with making your purchase decision a good one for you.

HP Pavilion G6 15.6 laptop

Product Code: HPg6156
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 5.29lb
Dimensions: 9.60in x 14.70in x 1.40in

Price: $75.00

Available Options

* Operating System:


Choose the operating system you'd like pre-installed, or none if you prefer to install your own.  We can install Windows 10 Pro Edition or Linux Mint for a small additional cost.

The HP Pavilion G6 series is a 15.6" laptop with an AMD A4 cpu, 6 GB memory and a 320 GB hard drive at 5400 rpm.  All features and functions of this laptop have been tested and work as expected.  The battery charges fine, display is crisp and sharp, and the case is clean and looks almost like new.  For its' age, this system still does a fine job.  This system IS quite a few years old, and will not fully support Windows 10, so we are selling it with the options of Windows 7 or Linux Mint ONLY.  It would still make a fine system for home schooling or other uses.  We are selling it as-is due to the age of the system, but can guarantee that it works just as good as it did when new and runs either Linux or Windows 7 just fine.

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